Thursday, December 3, 2009

Landscape Maintenance in California

Landscape maintenance is a term used in California to describe the weekly lawn mowing and an occasional shrub clipping. While these two tasks are necessary, successful landscapes require a long-term outlook that really extends past scheduling the next time that the gardeners show up.

For effective, meaningful landscape maintenance to occur, long-term well-thought-out landscape goals must first be established. For example - wise decisions concerning what the future holds for a row of shrubs - are they to be hedged? Are they to be pruned as singular plants? Or are they best left alone to achieve their full natural stature and scale? This type of decision needs to be made before the gardeners show up and is a vital part of an effective landscape maintenance program.
Program is the key word here. Before truly effective purposeful landscape maintenance can occur, the desired landscape design goals must be defined. Then the defined program needs to become part of the landscape maintenance contractor's "to-do" list. Every clip of the Felcos has to be performed with purpose. Every property is unique and differs from the next property on the landscape maintenance contractor route. Each landscape design came with a unique dream and aspiration list attached when it was originally created. It is that list that needs to be handed down to it's current steward.
Truly great landscapes are seldom achieved by accident or by a mow-blow-and go approach. It is the landscape maintenance industry's good fortune that mostly all landscape maintenance contractors have the passion, caring and skill necessary to culture plant material along to eventual greatness. The issue limiting that greatness is the well-thought-out maintenance plan that ensures that all the contractor's effort is directed in the right direction.

With that effort harnessed and properly directed, the grace and beauty of the landscape can be realized. When this magic is achieved, it is then proudly enjoyed by the property owner and will serve to inspire passers-by and the community for decades to come.

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